About Us

  NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS develops programs in the systems of large, medium and even small companies, that have purchased the product SAP ERP or SAP S/4 HANA. Potential customers are interested in the development of new programs and reports or in an integration between SAP ERP and other applications such as a Webshop or a product catalog.

Our vision is to provide our clients with innovative, customized software solutions for each client, allowing real-time analysis of their companies and providing the necessary support for decision making at all hierarchical levels.

Meeting customer expectations, stimulating creativity and creating a team spirit are the core values ​​of NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS.

New IT technologies lead to the development and efficiency of business processes. Under the conditions of globalization, a company cannot cope with the competition without having a clear and transparent record of the operations of the company, which will help it to make quick and correct decisions. Innovation is essential in the knowledge-based economy. By using SAP technologies and the SAP HANA internal memory database, NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS develops real-time business applications and analysis where a large amount of data processing is required.
We do not know about other companies, but we are only working with current technologies like SAP ABAP® OO, SAP HANA®, Adobe® Forms, SAP Business Partner® and so we are ready for the new SAP S / 4 HANA® solution. We have our own architecture for efficient data reading, but we can also work with existing frameworks for data persistence like BOPF. It does not bring anything to have 20 years of experience in SAP if other companies are programing like in the 80s;)

NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS develops and maintains SAP programs and extensions in the field of sales, invoicing, logistics, production, financial-accounting modules as well as event and training management or PLM. Our team has experience in the following SAP ERP ECC ™ 6.0 modules: SD, BP, MM, WM, PP, FI and CO. We use software engineering techniques to carry out projects and develop object-oriented applications (OOA, OOD).

We are also specialized in integrating other systems and use the concept of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and technologies such as Websevices, XML and SOAP.

Software development maintenance is an after-sales service that our company offers to its customers.

The programming activity in the SAP field is complex, demanding not only to master the old and new technologies, the programs and the architecture of the SAP ERP product, but also business knowledge in several modules or even complex processes.

Have you had a failed SAP implementation and are you experiencing difficulties maintaining the solution? Do you want to extend the existing solution and take advantage of the new SAP technologies? Are the costs of maintenance and development very high? Are you a client neglected by your SAP partner who should offer you support?

The solution is NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS. We do not just develop programs but come up with solutions to your company's problems and challenges. We believe in diversity, that is why our team is made up of professionals with experience both in the field of program development and in the business environment. The services of our company stand out by a higher quality at a competitive price. The use of programming engineering concepts and programming techniques ensure quality programs, code reuse and reduced maintenance costs.
NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS develops real-time business applications and analysis even when large data processing is required. Our goals are closely linked to the success of our clients and are achieved through:
• expertise and complex IT solutions (adapting and extending the solutions of the world leader SAP):
• use of modern technologies (SAP HANA®, Adobe® Forms)
• respecting the established deadlines
• targeting a high level of customer satisfaction through the delivery of quality services, programs that run efficiently, intuitively, without errors and have low maintenance costs.