In order to provide our clients with innovative and customized software solutions, allowing for real-time analysis of their companies and providing the necessary support for decision making at all hierarchical levels, we consider the analysis of customer needs as a priority.

Although SAP offers complex standard solutions for each business process, each company has its unique needs. When a standard SAP solution does not exactly match the client's needs, a customized software application is required.
To optimize the client’s business processes, NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS offers services throughout the life cycle of the software applications; these include:

• Analyzing the needs of the client, the business area in which he operates, how the company is organized and its business processes.
• Adapt an existing solution (for example SAP R / 3, SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA) using the extension possibilities provided by SAP like user exits, BAdi, or BTD, the Business Partner extension framework
• Developing a new software solution in the ABAP OO programming language according to the client's specification, which will integrate with SAP. For example, business data analysis programs with aggregated data and details on different drill-down criteria (displaying results in ALV Grid-type lists).
• Developing new forms in SAP using Adobe Forms technology or migrating existing forms. In addition to the simple generation of PDF forms for printing, NOESNER SOFT SOLUTIONS can also develop Workflow applications by sending emails with attachments.
• Integrating SAP with other existing applications (for example: telephony, email or Webshop solutions) using Webservices or XML technologies.
• Consultancy in the migration of the existing database to the in-memory database SAP HANA, optimization of programs before or after the migration to SAP HANA, development of new applications optimized for SAP HANA.
• Participation in major SAP updates (for example: Enhance Package 7 or 8)
• Migrating existing data into the databases of new applications
• Modular testing and testing SAP processes in which the new applications are integrated
• Writing the technical documentation for users
• Training the client's employees on the use and management of new applications
• Provide maintenance for the implemented solution