An agile business environment demands fast and reliable solutions. Quickly finding, displaying, selecting and outputting the desired document from the SAP archives facilitates communication with customers, suppliers and auditors.

Although SAP is a complex integrated system, it unfortunately does not offer a standard archiving solution.
For example, it cannot be guaranteed in standard SAP that a reprinted document is the same as the original. If a customer changes their address after printing the original, most printing forms will print the new customer address on the invoice. Meeting the legal requirements regarding the preservation of the original documents can be achieved if the generated PDF document is saved at the time of printing.

The document retrieval program facilitates access to archived documents related to a customer, supplier, sales transaction, date range and more. It provides accurate and immediate feedback on requests.

Users can find related documents, such as all documents of a sale transaction, and simply print or email them to authorized interested persons.

The print preview feature allows the user to see what the printout will look like before printing.

The program offers the possibility to create customized e-mail content which will be sent with the archive document.

An entry log is created by the program; this allows to determine which previously retrieved documents were printed or sent by email, who initiated the printing or sending, when the printing or sending was made.

Users can see changes made to the selected archive document and have the desired version displayed.