The Event Management solution makes it possible to organize events with or without qualification conditions, as well as trainings, depending on the qualification requirements of the participants (employees, collaborators, interested participants).

If a standard solution is not sufficient, an individualized event management program is justified.
Event details, such as location, date, time period, maximum number of participants and guests, or qualification conditions can be configured by the user. It is also possible to manage events online or restrict participation to more than one event of a particular type. The qualification conditions are sometimes very complex and their fulfillment can be done through an analysis program in which the organizers introduce different
KPIs as selection criteria and take over the result in the list of qualifications.

Participants can register for an event online or through a classic channel: by e-mail or telephone, in the last case an organizer will enter the data into the system. In addition, it is also possible to select and reserve preferences regarding for example the menu, the number of guests.

Registration forms can be personalized, even in different languages. The user can set mandatory fields and optional fields.
Registration status is available in real time and facilitates an efficient event management.
Reservation confirmations can be sent automatically by email or verified and then sent by post.
If the interest in an event is greater than expected, waiting lists can be created.

The user can choose between different ticket categories and can set the event access, based on the printed confirmation form or by scanning a QR code.
The reservation can be modified or canceled. These processes work intuitively and look inviting to the participant.
Users have the opportunity to view and print reports based on criteria such as e.g. event location, time, period, participants as well as, the history of the registration process.
The number of participations in events or trainings is considered a KPI for other SAP modules and applications.