The leasing solution developed at the client's request, ensures compliance with the legal norms and allows the efficient management of the leasing contracts throughout the whole life cycle, from beginning to termination.

The program facilitates the management of the leasing process for company cars offered to consultants or employees as a benefit, calculated on the basis of performance indicators defined by the client-company.
The performance indicators are calculated monthly automatically and are the basis for establishing the costs and fees of leasing to be charged to the consultants.

Different situations that may arise in the process of managing lease costs are dealt with. Thus, if the consultant does not want a company car, the due amount calculated according to the performance indicators will be used in another form of benefits. And in case the performance indicators are not reached, the program allows configuration of costs and taxes related to car lease that have to be paid by the consultants or not.
The program allows the leasing management for several corporate cars offered to a consultant or employee, the costs and taxes being calculated and highlighted separately for each of them.

The functions of the program facilitate the recording of the characteristic data of the car as well as those regarding the lease. The costs are broken down, both regarding the leasing rate and those related to compulsory insurance, CASCO insurance, etc., as well as the number of months of payment.

Leasing costs and fees may be displayed for verification, the amounts may be manually modified before being forwarded for accounting.

From the function of costs and lease charges bookkeeping, an accounting document with registration number is generated, which can be viewed separately.
The program offers the possibility to generate a document regarding the specific taxation of the consultant’s region or country of residence. Also, the information in the invoice is different from one region or country to another, for some it should contain more information than for others.

The invoice with the costs and the lease fees is issued automatically monthly and is sent, according to the option of the consultant, by e-mail or it can be printed and sent by post.

The program displays information regarding the status of the document, if it was printed or sent by e-mail and the date on which it was sent, facilitating the tracking of the lease management process.