There are requirements that cannot be covered by the standard SAP solution such as:
• Assign a cost item for an order position
• Warning if a customer has already ordered on the current day to avoid double orders
• Assign a voucher and validate it for an ordered material or service
SAP extensions and especially process extensions are not easy to do because they involve knowledge of SAP processes and modules, as well as locations in SAP programs where extensions are provided. From a performance point of view, programing is also difficult because certain methods (especially checking methods) are called by SAP many times and it is recommended that in cases of time-consuming processing, the method should keep in memory what has already been evaluated in a previous call. For example, which vouchers are valid for a particular customer or how many products the customer has already ordered (if there is a maximum purchase limit for certain offers).
In new SAP solutions Business Partner is increasingly used, partners have a unique code, but can have more business roles such as: customer, supplier, debtor or creditor. As not many companies have implemented Business Partner so far, and the Business Partner solution is a core component of SAP S/4HANA®, we would be glad if you asked for our expertise on this topic.

Expanding Business Partner is complex and involves knowing the BTD framework. E.g. the acceptance of a partner on GDPR conditions or, the way of recruiting a client can be achieved with the help of the BTD framework.