Are SAP forms cumbersome and outdated? Did the programmers tell you that new fonts cannot be used or that QR codes or quality images cannot be integrated? Might be the case for others ... We use Adobe Forms :)

Also, it is no longer necessary to print all forms and send them by mail. The forms can be sent by email as attachments or can be downloaded from a webshop.

In addition to the standard forms like an order, invoice or delivery documents, we also make specific forms such as the monthly or annual bonus of the consultants (including the detailed calculation method), customs documents or even delivery labels that are printed on small Zebra type printers. However, forms may be only a part of more complex applications such as an event organization or leasing rates calculation, where processes have been implemented that are performed in multiple steps and may involve several types of interacting people. For more details you can study the cases below:

Event Management Example (Case study)

Leasing Example (Case study)